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11x3.5 m chlorine-free swimming pool

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Electric vehicle charging station 3 km away

Walks & hikes (self-guided maps provided)
Railbike Marvão
(Pedal-powered machines along railroads)
Horse riding

Canadian Kayak and Paddleboard

Guided walking tour 

UMM Portuguese jeep tour

Wine tasting (Torre de Palma)

Bike rental/Bike tours, Walking tours & Wild Mushroom tour &Bird watching

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The aim of the CorkShack Marvão Ecolodges was to reconstruct “choças” (medieval roundhouses), which served as the dwellings of Iron age people in Portugal more than two thousand years ago.


In the municipality of Marvão, many roundhouses still exist today and some were still inhabited by families up until the last century. Now, most of them are in a state of ruin and have been abandoned or are used as storage for crops and to keep animals. They are round dry-stone walled buildings, which have no foundations and were erected on a flat surface of granite rock. They have conical thatched roofs made from wooden beams which are covered with broom.


CorkShack Marvão Ecolodges is a modern reconstruction of these pre-historic roundhouses with the addition of modern luxury comforts. They have been constructed wherever possible using ecological materials.


A perfect space for couples, each CorkShack is made up of a 6.5m diametre decagon with the exterior walls covered in 100% cork, a natural thermal and acoustic insulator, a natural thatched roof and a private 5x4m wooden deck.


CorkShack Marvão Ecolodges offer a unique place for a holiday and an opportunity for people to stay in an unusual dwelling with a link to the past.

Better for nature, better for your spirit.